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Akash Godbole

Master's student

I am a Master's student advised by Dr. Anil Kumar Jain in the Computer Science program at Michigan State University. My research interests include machine learning, biometrics, computer vision and natural language processing.


  • Master of Science (MS) in Computer Science, Michigan State University

    • Expected Graduation : May 2024

    • Advisor : Dr. Anil Kumar Jain

  • Bachelor of Science (BS) in Computer Science, Michigan State University

    • Graduated with honors : May 2021

    • GPA : 3.9


  • Godbole, A., Grosz, S. A., Nandakumar, K., & Jain, A. K. (2022). On Demographic Bias in Fingerprint Recognition. arXiv preprint arXiv:2205.09318.


  • Graduate Research Assistant, Michigan State University ( 2021 - Present)

    • Advised by Dr. Anil Kumar Jain, conducting research in the fields of Biometrics, Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning, and Computer Vision

    • Actively publish research findings in reputed conferences and journals in related fields.

  • Graduate Teaching Assistant, Michigan State University (2021)

    • Assistant to Prof. Mark McCullen in the Michigan State University course on Computer Systems (CSE 325)

    • Conduct office hours to support student success.

  • Undergraduate Teaching Assistant, Michigan State University (2019 - 2021)

    • Assistant to Prof. Richard Enbody in the introductory course on computer programming (CSE 231)

    • Conduct a weekly interactive lab session with 25 students that included a brief presentation on the course material followed by prescribing a lab exercise to support student learning.


Some projects outside my research

  • Voice Assistant

    • A simple voice assistant built using open source NLP libraries.

    • Can do tasks such as fetching a youtube video by saying a keyword, announcing the weather and stock market related news retrieval.

  • Blob detection on cellular images:

    • Given an image of a group of cells, detect abnormalities among them based on discriminative characteristics such as size, color, etc.

  • Lidar-Camera Extrinsic Calibration:

    • Establish a universal coordinate system and perform extrinsic calibration across sensors mounted at different locations on an autonomous vehicle.

    • Use this algorithm for tasks such as object detection, lane detection, etc.



  • Technical skills

    • Python, C++, Matlab, JavaScript

    • Tensorflow, Pytorch

  • Professional skills

    • Public speaking

    • Mentoring



Department of Computer Science,

Michigan State University

East Lansing, Michigan, USA.

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